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Factors in Selecting the Best Temperature Probes and Digital Thermometers for Industry Uses

   Editor's note: This blog post comes from TEGAM's latest informative resource, A Guide to Temperature Measurement. Chock-full of helpful information, details and insights on Digital Thermometers, Temperature Probes and Measurement Practices, we encourage you to download it for free here. *** There are many factors at play in selecting the best temperature probe/sensor and digital…
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Comparing the Three Main Types of Temperature Probes & Sensors

Editor's note: This blog post comes from TEGAM's latest white paper, A Guide to Temperature Measurement. Interested readers may download a free copy of this in-depth digital resource by visiting this page via this link. This blog post compares and details the three (3) main types of temperature probes & sensors most commonly found in measurement instruments…
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Intrinsically Safe Measuring – Powered by TEGAM!

Working in an area with flammable fumes can lead to some difficult temperature measurements. Have you ever tried to measure a surface temperature or a pipe temperature with a pointed tip stick thermometer, or taken an accurate reading from a glass thermometer that is partially immersed in a hazardous liquid? Until very recently, Intrinsically Safe…
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