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Which Thermocouple Alloy (TYPE) Should You Use for Temperature Measurement?

Thermocouples are the most commonly used temperature sensors in the United States and the 2nd most popular sensor used in Europe. ASTM E230/E230M-17 recognizes 9 thermocouple types, and there are more. Some types are obsolete and only used in older installations, such as Types L and U, while others are newer, like “P” (Platinel II)…
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What Exactly is Cold Junction Compensation? How Does It Relate to the Use of Thermocouples as Temperature Sensors?

Written by Dan Jackson, TEGAM Product Manager I was recently asked, “What does Cold Junction Compensation do?”  This question requires that I summarize how thermocouples work and the physics behind them. A thermocouple develops a thermoelectric voltage based upon the principle known as the Seebeck Effect. Now, what is the Seebeck Effect? In the 1800s, Thomas…
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What is a Thermocouple?

What is a Thermocouple? So, what exactly is a thermocouple? It is two wires of dissimilar metals that produce a thermoelectric voltage when the two ends are at different temperatures. There are three “families” of materials from which thermocouples are made. (See Charts Below) Some History on Thermocouples In the 1820’s Thomas Seebeck experimented with…
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