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New Product Announcement: ISO 17025 Data Logging Thermometer Kit

TEGAM, Inc. Announces the ISO 17025 Certified Data-Logging Thermometer Kit ***NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT*** GENEVA, Ohio--TEGAM, Inc., a world-wide leader in precision digital thermometers, announces an all-in-one, ISO 17025 Calibrated, Data Logging Thermometer Kit. The team at TEGAM, Inc consistently gathers feedback from customers and industry experts. We have responded by creating a complete kit that…
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TEGAM, Inc Announces the 931 / 932B Datalogging Thermometers

TEGAM, Inc Announces the 931/932B Datalogging Thermometers ***NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT*** GENEVA, Ohio--(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)--TEGAM, Inc., a world-wide leader in precision digital thermometers, announces the next generation in Handheld Thermometry: the 931/932B Data Logging, Industrial, Digital Thermometers. For over 30 years, TEGAM’s team of engineers at the Northeast Ohio factory have consistently worked to improve the…
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Armed with Statistical Data Thanks to Datalogging Thermometers

After a recent office remodeling project, I found the temperature in my office changing dramatically. (There is a part of the story where the heating expert says “I told you so” but that caused an unfortunate reflex.) My second reflex was to pick up our new 931B datalogging thermometer and use it to diagnose the problem.…
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