TEGAM Announces the Ultimate Handheld Meter – the BKDP-M2 Display Probe with Built-In Display for Bond Meter Ease!!

TEGAM Announces the Ultimate Handheld Meter – the BKDP-M2 Display Probe with Built-In Display for Bond Meter Ease!!

GENEVA, OH, October 5, 2020

TEGAM’s new BKDP-M2 Display Probe puts the bond meter information literally in your hand by adding a display directly in the probe body for your field of view while you work rather than remotely on the instrument’s face.

“Why do I have to look at the bond meter to read it?” is a question we hear from our customers. It may sound absurd, but we took it seriously when we introduced our new 710A grounding and bond meter.

Many instrument applications take our customers into difficult spaces, such as:

  • Laying on your back under an aircraft instrument panel while still having to read your meter. Now you can!
  • Inside a full rack of a server farm, without straining your neck. Now you can!
  • Climbing up a wind turbine for repairs after a lightning strike – enabling you to keep your eyes where they belong when you’re 100 meters up. Now you can!
  • Climbing on a roof to check the grounds on your solar array, without removing the meter from your belt. Now you can!

TEGAM’s new BKDP-M2 Display Probe puts the metering information literally in your hands by putting a display into the kelvin probe body so that it is in your field of view where you are working, rather than remotely on the bonding meter’s face. Added efficiencies, comfort and safety are thus experienced with this innovation.

The highly visible OLED display is readable in dark areas and brightly lit ones. A Hold button has also been incorporated into the probe so that you can freeze a reading and refer to it later.

“This is truly a revolutionary advance in ergonomics. I have been working in the handheld meter market for over 30 years and have not seen anything more useful,” says Kevin Kaufman, VP of Sales at TEGAM.

The BKDP-M2 also completes a true 4-wire measurement for accurate low-Ohms measurements but also can be outfitted with a range of replaceable probe tips. The proper tip can be selected to match the application and can be replaced by the operator without tools.

The BKDP-M2 Display Probe complements the extraordinary accuracy of the 710A Bond Meter & Milli-Ohmmeter and can be added at the time of purchase or after the fact. The Display Probe does not need to be calibrated, nor does it affect the accuracy of the readings.

For more information on TEGAM Bond Meters or to download a 710A bond meter datasheet, please follow the links. Please contact TEGAM with questions, or Request a Demo here.


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