TEGAM Dual-Channel Datalogging Thermometer Assists CDC with COVID-19 Testing Development in China

TEGAM Dual-Channel Datalogging Thermometer Assists CDC with COVID-19 Testing Development in China

GENEVA, OH, May 11, 2020


The value and impact of temperature and thus of temperature measurement & monitoring has become frighteningly and stridently clear in the past months OUTSIDE of the worlds of research and manufacturing, due to the arrival and impact of the unexpected novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. TEGAM’s Test, Measuring & Monitoring instruments have been on the front lines in the research development phase of the Center for Disease Control’s pursuit of a COVID-19 testing system, thanks to our precise, dual-channel datalogging thermometer – the 932B.

At the CDC location in Beijing, China, TEGAM’s rugged digital thermometer takes center stage in the development process. That’s because our dual-channel datalogging thermometer is able to take and record temperatures from two sources at the same time – absolutely essential when working in a chamber where the ambient temperature must be maintained and monitored while another control element is at a different temperature and must be controlled and monitored as well.

In the case of the R&D for this CDC project, the material inside the red tube (far right photo above) is the “throat swab,” the sample to test to determine positive or negative for COVID-19. Before the sample can be tested, it needs to be incubated in a heat chamber at 56° Celsius (132.8°Fahrenheit) for 0.5 hour to kill the virus. If the virus is not actually killed, the medical staff would be at-risk of exposure and infection to the coronavirus. The temperature control of the chamber is obviously key.

However, with the dual readings of TEGAM’s datalogger, the experimenters determined that the temperature inside the tube is generally lower than the 56°C set for the chamber. Since the temperature inside the tube is not as warm as outside within the working chamber, the virus is not killed and the researchers are thus in-danger. Dual, real-time temperature measurements from one reliable instrument are essential to determine this data!

TEGAM is pleased that our digital thermometers are part of the solution for the COVID-19 pandemic. Our engineering & manufacturing process is based on continuous innovation – the 932B datalogging thermometer features wireless Bluetooth® technology, the ability to record 1000 time-stamped measurements, and offers temperature measurements from -418 °F to 3308 °F. See all of TEGAM’s datalogging thermometers and our many other digital thermometer types by following the links.

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