TEGAM in the News – Microohmmeters, Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers, LCR Meters and Power Amplifiers Called-Out

TEGAM in the News – Microohmmeters, Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers, LCR Meters and Power Amplifiers Called-Out

GENEVA, OH, August 19, 2019


At TEGAM, we are always pleased when we get press exposure for our Temperature, Power, Humidity, Signal and other measurement instruments. Sometimes this comes in the form of product reviews on social media, sometimes it arrives as industry news coverage on the innovations we pack into our devices; sometimes it even concerns TEGAM itself and our history or the way we conduct our business.

We felt the need to call attention to some recent news coverage on our measuring devices and instruments which highlight our excellence in design and engineering as well as within usability and functionality.

Industry Reports, which “caters to decision makers around the world through extensive coverage of market research reports from a number of publishers around the globe,” recently released their LCR Meter Market Status and Business Outlook 2019 to 2025, featuring TEGAM as one of the companies to watch as manufacturers of LCR meters for Science and Industry. Featuring such handy elements as battery-powered LCR meters, auto-ranging for more dynamic parameter-range measurements, and our long-lead Kelvin probe klips, TEGAM’s LCR meters are outstanding for your inductance, capacitance and resistance-measuring requirements.

Honest Businessman, a digital reporting source that focuses on “the importance of honesty and transparency in businesses and industries” and covers as two of its core areas Industry and Technology, released their Microohmmeter Market : Value Chain, Dynamics and Key Players (2019-2025) report recently – and TEGAM is one of the key players in the reporting concerning our leading-edge, rugged and accurate microohmmeters that are trusted and relied upon by numerous companies and industries for testing applications. With microohmmeter kits, bench-top models and an intrinsically safe microohmmeter model for potentially explosive scenarios, we continue to contribute to the global need for low-resistance measurements. View our informative Microohmmeter Selection Guide here.

Technology Market, specializing in reporting “the latest and greatest in the Technology World” online,  just released their freshest coverage on the Global High Voltage Power Amplifiers Market Outlook 2019-2024, also prominently covering TEGAM and our work with power amplifiers for Signal Source and Waveform.

Lastly, the venerable and much-respected Quality Assurance & Food Safety magazine featured our announcement on the release of our Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers for various industries including Food Manufacturing and Production. With combustion, explosions and fire a concern for workers in numerous industries today, TEGAM is pleased to contribute to work safety with these new I.S. digital thermometers that are a portion of our growing line of digital thermometers for industrial applications.

TEGAM will continue to design, develop and deliver excellent instruments and measuring equipment for industrial and research needs world-wide, and we’re grateful for these reporting sources and more that continue to cover innovation and superior quality in Measurement. Thanks for joining us along the way.

Please contact TEGAM here with any questions or queries you may have about our products and purchasing from us.






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