TEGAM, Inc Announces Handheld Thermocouple Calibrators for Temperature Calibration

TEGAM, Inc Announces Handheld Thermocouple Calibrators for Temperature Calibration

GENEVA, OH, February 11, 2019


GENEVA, Ohio--TEGAM, Inc., specialists in temperature measurement, announce the launch of the 940 Series: Handheld Industrial Thermocouple Calibrators.

With the all-new 940A thermocouple calibrator  and 945A thermocouple calibrator, TEGAM pushes the limits of accuracy for handheld T/C calibrators even lower than before. As quality-oriented industries require tighter tolerances for verifying controls and temperature measurement systems, TEGAM has moved with them by offering convenient handheld devices with accuracy that rivals that of some benchtop calibrators. The 940A covers the full range of the four most common types, while the 945A covers fourteen types.

“TEGAM is thrilled to have designed and built the only multi-thermocouple, handheld calibrators made in the USA that offer superior accuracy and a battery life 10 times the closest competitor,” says President Adam Fleder.

Dan Jackson, Thermometry Product Manager discusses the features and benefits of the 940 Series, “I am extremely proud to represent the TEGAM line of handheld calibrators. Our 940’s offer lab-grade accuracy, resolution of 0.01°, simultaneous source & read, MIL-STD Durability and unlike some calibrators currently on the market, TEGAM Handhelds include a full Calibration Report at no additional fee.”

The 940 series were designed to compensate for ambient temperature allowing for field calibrations in virtually any environment. The handheld design and portable nature of the calibrator make getting to those environments effortless. They qualify as a Secondary Standard Instrument under AMS 2750E and are suitable for field calibration of test instruments used in System Accuracy Tests and Temperature Uniformity Surveys.

For more information on the TEGAM Thermocouple Calibrators or to download a Thermocouple Calibrator datasheet, visit TEGAM.com.

TEGAM 940A Handheld Thermocouple Calibrator

TEGAM 940A Handheld Thermocouple Calibrator


Headquartered just east of Cleveland, Ohio, TEGAM, Inc. designs, manufactures and calibrates instrumentation that impacts your daily life in surprising ways. Our goal is to make your measurement task easier, faster and more accurate. We continuously invest in R&D of products and calibration techniques that allow you to make your critical
measurements with unparalleled uncertainty. Our electrical measuring capabilities
include temperature, RF power, and micro-Ohms. In addition to the Geneva, Ohio
Headquarters, TEGAM operates a sales office in Beijing, China providing regional
support to our customers in Asia. A cohesive network of strong technical distributors
extends our representation to over 40 other countries throughout the world. For more
information visit www.tegam.com or contact Sales at Sales@tegam.com.

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