TEGAM, Inc Announces Temperature Data Captured into Any Software

TEGAM, Inc Announces Temperature Data Captured into Any Software

GENEVA, OH, May 6, 2021

The recent release of TEGAMLink™ T2.0  for iOS and iPadOS devices, inputs temperature measurements directly into any app without rekeying data or modifying code. For the first time, industries can electronically record temperature readings with less effort than finding a pencil.

TEGAMLink™ T2.0 Touch Entry enables the direct entry of temperature readings into any software with the touch of a button. Now you can put temperature readings into form fields, documents, spreadsheets, and any quality management software without changes to installed hardware or software. Preserve all your existing investment in software and training, reduce the operator load, and improve accuracy the same day you deploy a TEGAM 93o series thermometer. For customers who already own a 93o series thermometer, simply downloading TEGAMLink™ T2.0 unleashes the new capabilities. Download the app in the Apple App Store here!

“For several decades, we have been assisting many industries to collect data on their processes. Never has it been easier for operations and IT departments to deploy accurate temperature data collection in literally minutes,” says Adam R. Fleder, President of TEGAM.  “This truly has to be seen to understand how easy it is to use.”

TEGAMLink™ T2.0 is the companion app that is included with every 931B single channel and 932B dual-channel thermometers. It is available on the Apple App Store and features device pairing, remote thermometer control, strip charting, and the TEGAMLink™ T2.0 Touch Entry keyboard extension.

The 930 series of thermometers offers class-leading accuracy, durability, and simplicity. They have highly cleanable surfaces and are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments with a MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 2 shock, drop, and vibration rating. Discover what thousands are, the 93o series thermometers turn temperature readings into secure data easier than any other solution.

TEGAMLink™ T2.0 App Image

TEGAMLink™ T2.0


Headquartered just east of Cleveland, Ohio, TEGAM, Inc. designs, manufactures, and calibrates instrumentation that impacts your daily life in surprising ways.  Our goal is to make your measurement task easier, faster, and more accurate.  We continuously invest in R&D of products and calibration techniques that allow you to make your critical measurements with unparalleled uncertainty.  Our electrical measuring capabilities include temperature, RF power, and micro-ohms. In addition to the Geneva, Ohio Headquarters, TEGAM operates a sales office in Beijing, China providing regional support to our customers in Asia. A cohesive network of strong technical distributors extends our representation to over 40 other countries throughout the world.  For more information visit www.tegam.com or contact Sales at tegamsales@aei.com.



For more information on the TEGAM Thermometers or to download a datasheet, visit TEGAM.com.

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