TEGAM Introduces RF Power Sensor Calibration via MET/CAL®

TEGAM Introduces RF Power Sensor Calibration via MET/CAL®

GENEVA, OH, February 24, 2015

TEGAM announces new RF Power Sensor Calibration procedures designed to operate on the Fluke Calibration MET/CAL software platform. Many calibration laboratories use MET/CAL to automate the calibration, data storage and asset tracking of their DC and Low Frequency workload.  These same features are now available for the valuable and complex process of RF power sensor calibration. TEGAM’s recognized leadership in RF Power Sensor equipment and calibration technique was used to develop the most technically rigorous solution. A chief goal of the development was to support laboratories that wish to achieve or maintain ISO17025 accreditation.  To that end, the calculations and results are fully auditable for clear verification of the calibration. These new procedures that automate the following processes:

  • SWR Measurement
  • Calibration Factor Calculation
  • Uncertainty Computation
  • Charting and Reporting

Not only are we offering the new software but also complete turnkey systems integration for those labs that need to expand their infrastructure. These procedures can be used with equipment from Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz and Anritsu so that customers can choose what best meets their needs. As these system can be quite complex to specify, we are available to answer your questions and assist you with the proper configuration. Call us at 1-800-666-1010 or email us today at tegamsales@aei.com .

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