TEGAM Launches 50 MHz PXI Instrumentation Amplifier

TEGAM Launches 50 MHz PXI Instrumentation Amplifier

GENEVA, OH, October 8, 2007

TEGAM, Inc. just released its first PXI product, with the launch of the Model 4040A 50MHz PXI Instrumentation Amplifier. Designed to expand the measurement range of PXI digitizers and analog inputs, the Model 4040A offers 100V differential inputs with 70dB of CMRR. The bandwidth ranges from DC-50 MHz with programmable gain, attenuation, offset and filters. For more specifications of the Model 4040A, visit http://www.tegam.com/4040A. The TEGAM Model 4040A comes complete with VISA compliant drivers for LabVIEW8, Microsoft C++ and Visual Basic. In addition, an interactive front panel VI provides manual control of all of the board’s features. Key specifications of the Model 4040A include:

  • Differential 100 V Common Mode Input
  • DC-50 MHz Bandwidth
  • AC/DC Coupling
  • 1 MO and 50 O input impedance
  • Programmable Attenuation/Gain/ ÷100, ÷10, x1, x10, x100
  • Programmable Offset
  • 50 O Output

TEGAM is a proud member of the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA), an industry consortium that promotes and maintains the PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) standard. Since 1997, PXI has become the industry standard for modular measurement and automation applications. TEGAM’s specific areas of expertise include waveform generators, precision amplifiers, RF power calibration and low level measurements. For more information, please contact Kim Niznik Goff, Marketing Projects Coordinator, at 440-466-6100 or visit www.tegam.com. For more information on the PXI Systems Alliance, go to http://www.pxisa.org. Be certain with TEGAM!

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