TEGAM Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators & AMS2750E Compliance for Heat Treatment

TEGAM Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators & AMS2750E Compliance for Heat Treatment

GENEVA, OH, August 5, 2019

AMS2750E Compliance for Heat Treatment and TEGAM Thermocouple Calibrators

System Accuracy Tests (SATs) and Instrument Calibration as required by the AMS2750E Standard for thermal processing equipment used in heat treatment can be greatly simplified with the TEGAM 945A Thermocouple Temperature Calibrator.

Several features inherent in this thermocouple calibrator were designed into the 945A to specifically help maintain all classes of heat-treating ovens. These include the accuracy, reference thermometer channel, transfer mode, instrument presets, and extra-long battery life when used with the 945A.

The unprecedented accuracy (0.2 ⁰C) of the 945A temperature calibrator qualifies it as a Secondary Standard Instrument – yet this thermocouple calibrator is field-portable. This reduces technician workload and equipment inventory by eliminating the need to maintain Field Test Instruments with their 3-month calibration cycles, whereas Secondary Standard Instruments are only required to be calibrated on a 12-month cycle.

The reference thermometer has 0.01 degree resolution so that monitoring the Resident SAT sensor can be accomplished at a resolution that exceeds the oven controller, for the highest level of confidence in your readings. Known offsets in your Resident SAT sensor can be easily set to reduce errors in SAT Calculations contained in AMS2750E. The reading of the SAT Sensor can be directly compared to the oven controller without manual calculations. In addition, the 945A thermocouple temperature calibrator accepts 14 thermocouple styles including J, K, T, E, N, B, R, S, G, C, D, L, P and U  – so you can be sure it supports all the systems in your plant.

Figure 1 - Heat Treatment Calibration

Transfer Mode passes the reference thermometer signal through the 945A to the simulator channel so that you may place the 945A between the controlling sensor and the oven controller for troubleshooting the entire measurement channel. The thermocouple probe offset is also functional when in transfer mode so that errors in the controller can be isolated without having to resort to manual calculations.

Figure 2 - Transfer Mode

The full range of a controller can be tested quickly by using the multiple clear methods for changing the simulated temperature. These functions are designed to be performed with one hand so that you can finish quickly and move on. The 10/90% key alternates between 10% and 90% of full scale with one button press.  The 0/25% key provides a convenient 5-step sequence by starting at 0% and incrementally adjusting 25% each time it is pressed. Once 100% is reached, the next press will return to 0%. If there are specific test points that you need to save, there are 20 presets that can be stored for instant retrieval. These presets can be altered at any time and are also preserved through battery changes so that you don’t lose them. We feel that this is a valuable feature both for time savings and convenience.

Speaking of changing batteries, you won’t have to so very often with this TEGAM model! The 945A temperature calibrator lasts 500 hours on just three AA batteries and will automatically shut off the unit after 20 minutes of inactivity to preserve them. If necessary, the auto shutoff can be overridden by pressing and holding the power key until the battery health indicator flashes – indicating it will remain on as long as you need it to do so. The auto shutoff function returns on the next power cycle. Compare the 945A thermocouple calibrator to our competition and you’ll realize how much time and money you’ll save JUST in batteries and hassle alone!

Figure 3 - Three batteries versus 76: consider the cost & landfill waste

We’re proud of the 945A thermocouple calibrator and all the features we’ve built into this great temp. calibrator in order to help technicians do their job with more accuracy, speed, and with far fewer complications. This is clearly a 21st century device for heat treatment applications and it boldly wears the TEGAM name. See the 945A thermocouple temperature calibrator here. See all our temperature calibrators, cables and kits  on this page. Visit our thermocouple thermometers here. If you have specific questions on the 945A’s performance or capabilities, you can contact TEGAM here and we will respond to your query.

Lastly, gain understanding of key AMS2750E definitions in this article written by Jason Shulze of HeatTreatToday. Thanks for reading.

Adam R. Fleder, President, TEGAM

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