TEGAM Thermocouple Thermometers: Built to Use, Built to Last

TEGAM Thermocouple Thermometers: Built to Use, Built to Last

GENEVA, OH, April 20, 2017

The design and usability of equipment in food manufacturing, transportation, and storage is vital. When we designed the new TEGAM 9xx series digital thermometers, we not only built a high-accuracy thermometer, but also thought about how our customers would be using our new device.  We used our 35 years of experience to ask and answer a few questions on the overall usability of our new temperature monitors.

How does it feel in my hand?

Our new temperature monitors are handheld and we planned the instrument case accordingly. The design is ergonomic and smooth, and is comfortable in any size hands.  We aim to improve your comfort at work, not hinder it.How easy is it to clean?      

How easy is it to clean?

FDA regulations state that equipment in the food manufacturing process must be cleaned thoroughly and in a precise fashion.  We kept these requirements in mind while designing the 9xx cases. Cleaning equipment should not be a trying process.  These thermometers are resistant to moisture and solid intrusive particles.  Flat, sealed keypads and minimal crevices for dirt to accumulate are just some of the design characteristics we employed in the 9xx series cases. These features make for an efficient and effective cleaning process.


But is it durable?

Our thermocouple thermometers are built for industrial environments.  We are a manufacturing company and know the beatings that equipment take in the process.  The 9xx series thermometers were rigorously tested to withstand drops, vibrations, and shocks that are encountered daily and could damage an instrument. In fact, the thermometers meet military specifications for durability and performance. And even better, TEGAM’s 9xx thermometers do all this WITHOUT any bulky protective accessories like rubber boots that increase the cost of ownership and are magnets for dirt and grime.

How easy is it to use?

Both the 9xx series thermocouple thermometers feature large, easy-to-read characters with a high-contrast, backlit LCD display that allows easy reading of measurement parameters in low- and no-light conditions. This ultimately increases accuracy, productivity, and safety. And with an easy-to-use interface and fast reading times, TEGAM’s thermocouple thermometers let you focus on your measurement, not the instrument.


Overall, TEGAM has designed its new handheld digital thermometers to be easier to hold, read and clean, while simultaneously ensuring reliability in the most demanding work environments.

When the measurement matters, be certain with TEGAM.

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