TEGAM To Host NCSLi Tutorial on Microwave Power Measurements

TEGAM To Host NCSLi Tutorial on Microwave Power Measurements

GENEVA, OH, June 27, 2013

TEGAM’S Microwave Power Measurements Team will be presenting a tutorial at the NCSLi Conference in Nashville, TN. Accurate calibration of today’s diverse group of RF power sensors requires a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts and techniques.  Sensors are used in a wide range of applications involving both peak and continuous power measurements and manufacturers apply different technologies which affect the uncertainty of any measurement and calibration.  Further, the reflection of the sensor needs to be measured and taken into account.  The techniques discussed will apply for those making measurements from 9 kHz to 110 GHz. Some of the knowledge shared will include:

  • Definition of the Calibration Factor
  • Practical introduction to RF power transfer between two coupled ports.
  • Typical arrangements of RF Power Sensor Calibration stations.
  • Gamma and how to use Gamma to calculate power transfer and port match.
  • The importance of vector measurements to the precise knowledge of power transfer.
  • Contributing factors to uncertainty of a calibration factor.
  • The effects of interpolating between two points
  • Methods for measuring linearity
  • Demonstration of new power sensor calibration automation software

This Workshop will be informative and interactive for all interested in Cali- bration, Uncertainty, RF Power, and Vector Measurements. This one day tutorial is scheduled for; Sunday July, 14th 8:00 PM–5:00 PM Session T15, Ryman Studio MN Inquiries can be directed to Amanda Gerlica at agerlica@tegam.com  or phoned in to 440-466-9604.

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