TEGAM Thermometry & RF Power Tutorials at the NCSL International Workshop & Symposium        

TEGAM Thermometry & RF Power Tutorials at the NCSL International Workshop & Symposium        

GENEVA, OH, August 20, 2019

Metrology in Motion comes to the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio August 24th through 29th.  TEGAM, Inc. is honored to present two informative tutorials.

On Saturday, August 24th, Adam Fleder – President, and Richard Steiner – Applications Engineer, present “Thermometry Sensors, Instruments & Calibration.”  We will review the types of temperature sensors and their relative strengths in thermometry applications. How probe design affects measurements and how applications drive selection. The considerations and challenges encountered when calibrating thermometers and temperature indicators will also be discussed along with practical means of verify measurement system accuracy. Finally, a discussion of topics affecting IR thermometry will be held.

TEGAM has been designing and manufacturing temperature measurement instrumentation for over 30 years. We will discuss the technology behind Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators, Temperature Sensors, Probes, Digital Thermometers, and more. To register for this tutorial, click HERE.

TEGAM's Total Temperature LIne


Also, on Saturday, August 24th, Product Manager Greg Tolentino will present “RF Power Sensor Linearity Calibration.”  RF power sensor linearity is a commonly misunderstood topic. However, to obtain the most accurate power measurements, it’s important that technicians understand what linearity is, sources of nonlinearity, and how to measure RF power linearity. This course introduces metrologists and technicians to linearity calibration for low-power (-70 to + 20 dBm), high-frequency (9 kHz to > 50 GHz) RF power sensors, and explains why it is important for their customers. The material then dives deeper with a discussion of commonly encountered challenges in linearity calibration. Finally, detailed descriptions and examples of commonly used linearity measurement techniques are presented, with a discussion of the advantages of each.

Greg has a keen focus on Power Sensor Calibration and RF Power. He supports the entire TEGAM RF and Microwave line. You can research Power Sensor Calibration, Power Meters, Power Standards, High Power Calibration, Power Reference Calibration and Attenuation Measurement at TEGAM.com. You can register for Greg’s class HERE.

100 kHz to 50 GHz RF Power Sensor Calibration SystemRF Thermistor Power Meter that supports 100 Ω and 200 Ω thermistorsHigh Power Calibration System

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