TEGAM’s Jay Romanek Appointed as Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International

TEGAM’s Jay Romanek Appointed as Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International

GENEVA, OH, January 24, 2020

TEGAM is delighted to announce the selection and appointment of our own DoD Program Specialist Jay Romanek as the Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International. The volunteer role is essential for helping NCSL International members to meet and to exchange information with peers at least on a semi-annual basis, and Jay’s organizational expertise will be helping to facilitate deeper metrology understanding and best practices within the Atlanta region that can translate into new developments, findings and innovations in the world of metrology.

NCSL International – from the founding name, The National Conference of Standards Libraries – “provides the best opportunities for the world’s measurement science professionals to network and exchange information, to promote measurement education and skill development, and to develop a means to resolve measurement challenges.” Located in Boulder, Colorado, the organization is divided into 39 sections across the United States, as well as segments in Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Central AND Pacific Asia, and Africa. Learn more about NCSL International by visiting its website here.

As Beverly Garcia, VP of NCSLI Southeastern Division, explains the significance of Jay’s appointment as the Atlanta Section Coordinator, “It is the goal of NCSL International to offer each of our members an opportunity to meet with and exchange information with peers at least on a semi-annual basis. This exchange provides members with networking and growth opportunities to improve their technical and managerial knowledge in the area of metrology. [Jay] will be providing much-needed expertise in organizing these meetings and I look forward to furthering success in 2020.”

Romanek has been a part of the TEGAM team since May of 2017, serving as DoD Programs Specialist. His responsibilities include S.E. regional sales and support of all TEGAM products, as well as, working with DoD agencies on projects involving TEGAM products and services. He is a Navy veteran and holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Southwestern College. Jay served as the NCSL-I Atlanta Section Coordinator from 1998-2002 also.

TEGAM is pleased at this recognition of Jay’s expertise and offer him congratulations! We look forward to his contributions to metrology and NCSL and to how his efforts can impact TEGAM devices such as our datalogging thermometers, thermocouple thermometers & temperature calibrators, microohmmeters, RF power meters, thermistor probes and other state-of-the-art Test & Measurement instrumentation. Good job, Jay!

For more information, please contact TEGAM here.


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