TEGAM’s New Application Note 109 Informs on Testing Aircraft Electrical Bonds and More for Stratospheric Success!

TEGAM’s New Application Note 109 Informs on Testing Aircraft Electrical Bonds and More for Stratospheric Success!

GENEVA, OH, June 18, 2020

TEGAM bond meters and milli-ohmmeters are featured in APP note 109.

Our latest application note – Application Note 109 – is available on our website to assist engineers, mechanics, flight crews and more with deeper understanding on how TEGAM instruments help to keep aircraft flying right and crews and passengers safe and sound.

As one of the major industries that TEGAM serves with our Test, Measurement & Calibration instruments, the Aerospace industry relies on TEGAM engineering expertise. Our design and manufacturing know-how creates instruments that ensure sound electrical bonding for the reliable operation of communications and control systems in commercial and military aircraft. TEGAM bond meters, LCR meters and milli-ohmmeters are thus important tools that help to keep fleets in the air safely all across the world.

As App Note 109 elucidates, “A bond is an electrically conductive joint and the bond test determines whether an effective electrical ground has been established between two points. Electrical bonding of aircraft structures is important for many reasons and should always be checked when building or maintaining an aircraft.

A proper electrical bond:

Prevents fuel ignition hazards from electrical fault currents.

Minimizes RF potentials on electronic enclosures.

Prevents the buildup of static charges and protect passengers and systems from electrostatic discharges.

Protects aircraft passengers and electronic systems from lightning discharges.

Provides low-impedance signal paths for electronic equipment, thereby improving system reliability and performance in harsh electromagnetic environments.”

App Note 109 highlights TEGAM’s latest highly innovative bond meter AND milli-ohmmeter, our model 710A – an auto-ranging, handheld, low-resistance bond meter designed with simple controls for utilization by operators of all skill levels. You’ll also find information on classes of electrical bonds for aircraft, resistance measurements, bond testing, troubleshooting and bond-inspection tips. Finish up with our recommendations on several TEGAM models currently used in US military operations.

Please view and/or download Application Note 109 here. Question or comments? Reach us via this easy form. See all our Application Notes here. Lastly, Request a Demo of TEGAM bond meters, milli-ohmmeters and more instrumentation by following this link.

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