TEGAM’s Sure Grip Polymer Glove for Instrument AND Equipment Protection Adds Innovation

TEGAM’s Sure Grip Polymer Glove for Instrument AND Equipment Protection Adds Innovation

GENEVA, OH, October 27, 2019

TEGAM announces our new Sure Grip Polymer glove to fit the 912 and 911 digital thermometers, 931 and 932 datalogging thermometers, and the 940 Series Thermocouple Calibrators. The new cover glove is soft and flexible and makes the units easier to hold. The new cover also adds additional drop protection to both the instrument and to the surface it is dropped upon, which, as you’ll read below, can be as important as protecting the measuring device itself.

When TEGAM developed its’ new 911 and 912 precision thermocouple thermometers, one of our targets was the food industry. For use in the food industry, handheld thermometers must be be cleanable, with no crevices in the case where food can get caught and therefore grow bacteria. The case also has to be shock and vibration-resistant and without a rubber boot. The TEGAM Team worked hard to  accomplished this design and engineering feat. Our new case has an ergonomically design to make it comfortable to hold AND is made from food-grade plastic. It also protects the instrument and passes the Mil Spec shock, drop and vibration standards for a portable instrument without a rubber boot.

We got rid of the rubber boot but….

When we visited an aircraft manufacturer and showed them the 900 Series digital thermometers and dataloggers, they asked, “Is there a rubber boot for it?” Further discussions with this manufacturer revealed that the new composite construction airframes often have special coatings applied the them that they want protected from dings and scratches. They were not concerned about the thermometer getting damaged by being dropped, but rather concerned about their aircraft parts getting damaged by the thermometer being dropped on to them. TEGAM was attentive to protecting our measuring device, the aircraft manufacturer was concerned about protecting their product! And rightly so.

To meet that requirement, TEGAM set-out to develop a soft polymer “glove” that would fit onto the 900 Series Digital Thermometers, Data Logging Thermometers and Temperature Calibrators as well as a new handheld Bond Meter (coming soon) we’ve been developing. Our engineering team had to find a polymer that was soft and flexible in order to work with our digital thermometer case while also protecting the aircraft components from impact – PLUS it could not contain any Silicone. The reason this caveat was so important is because Silicone is harmful to the composite construction process used in aircraft and to many molding applications. If it comes in contact with a material surface or mold, Silicone can actually prevent proper bonding, or even contaminate the molds!

The material we chose is strong, soft and flexible, contains no Silicone, and has the added advantage of making the case less slippery and easier to hold. So, we got rid of the boot but… added a “glove.” The new Sure Grip glove is Silicone-free so it can be used in composite construction and molding applications, plus it improves the grip and adds extra drop protection to the instrument and the surface it may be dropped upon in order to prevent damage. Yet another example of TEGAM foresight and product innovation!

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