The Versatility of a Digital Thermocouple Thermometer!

The Versatility of a Digital Thermocouple Thermometer!

GENEVA, OH, September 16, 2019

TEGAM's Total Temperature Line includes rugged and innovative thermocouple thermometers

A digital thermometer that takes a thermocouple input is one of the most versatile measurement instruments you can have in your company.  Portable, high-accuracy models are readily available with resolution down to 0.1 degree. What makes these temperature measuring instruments so versatile is that one digital thermocouple thermometer can be used to measure different locations throughout the entire plant!

Better models also accept different types of thermocouples. This allows you to measure  a Type K thermocouple that might be used in annealing ovens or dryers and then switch to a Type T thermocouple for higher accuracies which are often used in laboratory or inspection locations. Thermocouples are available in many styles, which further broadens the versatility of a thermocouple-input digital thermometer. Using an immersion-style probe for example, you can make immersion measurements in liquid processes such as the brewing temperature of beer or a large cauldron of soup. Thermocouples are also available that can be mounted on a pipe, so a digital thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of the cooling water or pre-heating oil used in many processes.

There are also self-adhesive thermocouples which the digital thermometer can connect to and  make accurate surface temperature measurements. With rotating equipment, a digital thermometer can be used with a surface-style probe to monitor the bearing block temperature. Some digital thermometers are also available with two inputs and a T1-T2 differential temperature readout. These differential thermometers can be used in HVAC applications to monitor inlet and outlet temperatures of compressor units, or in process applications to monitor the difference between the feed temperature vs the vat temperature.

Think of all the locations in YOUR facility where you need to monitor temperature and you can easily see how one digital thermocouple thermometer is a must-have for solving many of the issues that can come up in a process or manufacturing location. I suggest you look at the Tegam 911B single-input/single-channel and 912B dual-input/two-channel digital thermocouple thermometers. They have an excellent combination of ruggedness, features & functions, and accuracy that allows them to easily fill the temperature-monitoring needs for quality and process control in most industrial locations.

View all of our digital thermocouple thermometers here. TEGAM also offers specialty digital thermometers with thermocouple capabilities, such as intrinsically safe thermometers and datalogging thermometers. And naturally, we carry a fine line of thermocouple probes for various applications as well. Lastly. to understand how thermocouple thermometers actually work, learn about cold junction compensation here.

Please take a look at our temperature probe selection guide or contact TEGAM here for more information. Most of our products can be purchased online from each product page. Thank you for reading!

Dan Jackson, Thermometry Products Manager


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