Ultra-Portable 710A Milli-Ohmmeter Offers a New Solution for Electrical Grounding + Bonding Tests

Ultra-Portable 710A Milli-Ohmmeter Offers a New Solution for Electrical Grounding + Bonding Tests

GENEVA, OH, February 10, 2020

Introducing TEGAM's new 710A milli-ohmmeter and bond meter for ultra-portability.

Introducing TEGAM’s ultra-portable 710A milli-ohmmeter for testing aircraft, battery electric vehicles, electronic components and electrical interconnects. 1 μΩ-100 Ω: Fast, Accurate and Durable.

TEGAM announces a radically new milli-ohmmeter for grounding and bonding applications that is nothing short of amazing in its performance and simplicity. The first things that often come to mind when you think of a bond meter are “Big, Clunky and Slow.” We know this because we’re the largest supplier of bond meters to the US Government and we hear the feedback. At times, big and clunky can be an advantage – such as when you would like to prevent things from getting sucked into a jet engine! However, there are many applications where this is not a concern and convenience is much more valuable.

We took our extensive knowledge of precision, low-resistance measurement and combined it with an exceptional handheld platform. The result is our new 710A bond meter & milli-ohmmeter. Now, you can easily carry it anywhere to work on air or ground vehicles.  Do you have to lay on your back under an instrument panel and still read your meter? Now you can. Do you have to verify grounds and bonds in cramped spaces? The 710A makes this easier than any other solution. Are you tired of waiting for readings on unclear displays? Now you can have the fastest bond measurements on an auto-ranging display with OK/Fail indication.

Of course, no measurement is worth much if you can’t trust it. The 710A milli-ohmmeter produces extraordinarily consistent measurements with accuracy that exceeds that of the venerable Keithley 580.

The tip of the spear in bond measurement is sometimes just that. Effective probes are the difference between mistake-proof work and constant aggravation. No one offers a wider selection of bond meter probe styles and configurations to make your job easier than TEGAM.

bond meter probes for our new milli-ohmmeter by TEGAM

Please follow the link to learn more about our revolutionary 710A milli-ohmmeter or to make a purchase. Download the 710A datasheet here for research and comparisons.  Request a Demo to see this portable bond meter in-action for yourself. If you have more questions or queries, please contact us via phone or form here and we’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for reading.


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